01 / TRUST

Tokenization keys are generated by each data contributor and are never shared with anyone. There is no centralized token vault, and sensitive data never even leaves your own secure perimeter.

02 / SPEED

Distributed installation of WEAVE can generate thousands of tokens per second. Every participant of the system contributes to the tokenization process in a peer-to-peer fashion.

Built with smart cryptography and best practices of distributed systems, WEAVE tokenization is extremely robust and guarantees (n–1)-security: as long as at least one of the keys is not compromised, the tokenization is irreversible.




Combining data from multiple sources proves to have synergetic effect on the outcomes of data analysis.  It is often that sensitive information contained in such datasets  — national ID numbers, names, etc. — poses an obstacle to pooling such datasets together across different organizations.  Not anymore!  With WEAVE you can match records from multiple datasets without ever revealing the original values.


Every data contributor runs a local instance of WEAVE.  It becomes a gateway to the common pool of data, letting the contributor to securely tokenize all sensitive fields.  All instances in the pool work collaboratively to perform tokenization.  Every contributor generates and manages their own cryptographic keys, which never leave the local instance.  As long as you ensure the safety of your keys, the whole system is secure — even if all other keys were compromised.  Security of data that you contribute is fully in your hands!


WEAVE is developed by Aprismatic, a Singapore-based company that was created to productize the results of many years of meticulous research on cyber security and secure data management done in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.  Aprismatic helps large and small companies and government organizations to secure sensitive data in Singapore, in Asia, and all across the world!

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Aprismatic Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based data security company



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