Prisma/DB is available in Community (CE) and Enterprise editions.  Prisma/DB CE is absolutely free and is available in the developer section.  Prisma/DB Enterprise license can be purchased through the form below.  Trial version of Prisma/DB Enterprise is also available in the developer section.  Try it out now, for free!

Prisma/DB Enterprise is available through yearly subscription plans. Included with every plan are:

  • 1 x Software license key valid for 1 year

  • Access to software updates

  • Access to Docker registry with Prisma/DB Enterprise images

  • Access to a public issue tracker​​

In addition, you can purchase dedicated support provided by the Aprismatic engineering team.  Dedicated support will give you access to a private issue tracker and guaranteed fast response from our engineers.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor for Prisma/DB or you would like to use Prisma/DB as a component in your own products, we are open to such pernterships!  Just let us know in the comment box in the form below!

Thank you! Look out for email soon!